Second screen apps are all the rage these days, especially when Marvel’s The Avengers hit Blu-ray/DVD last year. They included the Avengers Second Screen Experience and allowed those with the app to view data files for all the characters, weapons, and other background information (including a closer look at Thanos). The Amazing Spider-man also had one, but I never used it.

The apps can be used by themselves, with some information already unlocked, or in tandem with the film. It syncs with the movie’s start and gives you extra information as it plays. This technology stemmed from the Blu-ray Live features which downloaded information from the internet as film played and gave overlays, picture-in-picture videos, and other enhancements, but this required a networked Blu-ray player and a solid connection to work. As tablets (and smart phones) take rise in the marketplace, second screen experiences moved to apps. Even Microsoft got into the business with SmartGlass, something I truly enjoy using.

With Iron Man 3’s release this month, Marvel has decided to take second screen apps to a brand new level with JARVIS. If you recall, Jarvis is the AI butler for Tony Stark throughout the Marvel films, who may or may not evolve into Ultron for Avengers 2. The JARVIS app will have all the second screen features those who are invested in the Marvel Cinematic Universe could want, but strives to be more and truly become an interactive assistant like in the film.

Paul Bettany will again be the voice of JARVIS, having recorded 20+ hours of original content for the app alone, so expect some unexpected responses. JARVIS will allow users to unlock Iron Man 3 content, including all 42 armors and other hidden files, but also comes with the ability to be controlled with voice commands, a first for second screen apps. When you’re not connected to the film, you can use JARVIS as a standalone app containing an alarm clock, local weather, and access to social media. I would personally find it much more gratifying to say “JARVIS, tell Facebook ‘What does the fox say?” than talking to SIRI, but this is more preference than anything.

Iron Man 3 is released September 24, but you can go ahead and pick up JARVIS on September 10 in the App Store. Come back next week as I give you some hands on experiences with JARVIS and see if he’s truly going to become Ultron in the process. Until then, enjoy the screenshots below.

Download Marvel’s Iron Man 3 – JARVIS Second Screen Experience from iTunes


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