In a whirlwind day of events, Fox has moved around several of its upcoming films, including the release date of X-men: Days of Future Past. Originally scheduled to be released on July 18, 2014, the film has been moved up to May 23 instead! This is great news, especially since all the images from the film’s production have been leaked all over the internet and then some. This makes me a bit more excited for the film’s release as well, knowing it is that much closer.

However, to get that slot, 20th Century Fox had to move Dawn of the Planet of the Apes from May 23 to the July 18 slot, which honestly, doesn’t bother me too much. I attempted to watch all of the Planet of the Ape films and sequels back in college, only to find myself more bored than intrigued. The newest film has gotten above average reviews, however I have failed to push myself into a mentality to see it. No sweat off my back there.

Other big news from the studio include the announced release date of Independence Day 2, the sequel to the hit Roland Emmerich original from the 90’s. Apparently there is enough desire for a continuation of the story that it must be told, and we can check out the movie on July 3, 2015. Not quite the Independence Day we want, but its the one we get.

Lastly, the Assassin’s Creed film staring Michael Fassbender (hottie) has been pushed back from May 22, 2015 to June 19, 2015. A whole month for a movie based on a video game. History shows us that this usually isn’t a good sign, however, we may be able to get something from the actor who has been in high profile movies (X-men, Shame) and the story of Assassin’s Creed, which has spawned at least 4 games if not more by this point.

Which move are you most excited for? I’ll be at them all, probably.

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