We don’t talk much about the FANTASTIC FOUR reboot that Fox is doing, simply because the FF are the hardest sell in super hero franchises. The mid-2000s version worked because it sold to families, which is why it spawned a (lackluster) sequel. You won’t find me watching those movies willingly, but the reboot’s Thing looks pretty awesome.

Even though production is completely wrapped, Fox has moved the Fantastic Four release date from June 19th, 2015 to August 7th, 2015. That’s 6 full weeks in the other direction. Even DC moved Batman V Superman up 6 weeks, so I’m not sure what this means for the film.

All movie dates are subject to change, and perhaps after seeing how well Marvel’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY did this August, the studio in charge of FF and X-Men decided to try it out too. We’re not sure, but it doesn’t inspire confidence in the film thus far.