FANTASTIC FOUR is coming out in August and now we have our first official look at The Thing played by Jamie Bell and some stretch action from Mr. Fantastic.

Courtesy of Empire, we see that Ben Grimm’s transformation to the rock-creature called The Thing will be very rocky-like indeed. Instead of the bright orange version played by Michael Chiklis in the pre-reboot films, we’re treated to a red clay like version with bumps and asymmetry all around. Its hard not to draw a connection to the Kronan’s from Thor: The Dark World (click for image).

Secondly, we see a bit of Miles Teller’s Reed Richards doing some stretching on a table. Its not much, but we’ve not seen his power in detail either. Overall, its a mixed bag of stills from the upcoming movie, but enough to get us by.

Are you excited for this new version of Marvel’s first family of superheroes?

Source: Empire

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