Several months ago we reported Chiwetel Ejiofor joining the cast of Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE in some capacity. Now with rumors of Tilda Swinton being cast for the Ancient One, it seems Deadline has finally figured out who Ejiofor will be playing next winter.

Baron Mordo is the top choice for Ejiofor’s character in the DOCTOR STRANGE film. First introduced in Strange Tales in 1963, Mordo has been more than a bane to the existence of Strange over the years. You can find a good example in the Doctor Strange animated film, as he is one of the antagonists there.

Deadline goes on to report that this version of Mordo is “an amalgamation of characters culled from Doctor Strange‘s mythology.” While we don’t doubt this one bit, it seems that Marvel is going to have a very diverse cast for their foray into the mystical. He also may not be a complete bad guy either, probably swaying form side to side depending on what dark arts are afoot. Or something.

Either way, DOCTOR STRANGE is set to begin filming soon and when it does, we expect to get a ton of set photos as well.

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