Chiwetel Ejiofor, with a name like that, he should be cast in DOCTOR STRANGE. Just kidding, but really, Marvel is in talks to have the star of 12 Years a Slave appear in their Doctor Strange film. Current word is that he will NOT play a villain, so we can cast those rumors aside.

If Ejiofor isn’t a villain, who we presume will be Baron Mordo, who could he be? Options include the Ancient One, who mentors Strange early on, and possibly Brother Voodoo, the man who would be Sorcerer Supreme after Strange gave up the title.

The Ancient One seems unlikely, as that role is traditionally Asian descent and has been for years. Not that we think Marvel would change the role, but casting an Academy nominated actor is no small deal. Brother Voodoo is an option as he’s been making a resurgence in Marvel’s comics after being away for a while. He’s recently resurged in Avengers World and was a big player in AXIS’s ending late last year.

At this rate, we know he’s in talks to be cast and we’ll expect something official from Marvel sooner than later.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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