In a surprise casting announcement, Marvel has revealed David Tennant of Doctor Who fame will be the villain of AKA JESSICA JONES, the second Netflix series premiering later this year. He will be portraying Killgrave on the series. In AKA JESSICA JONES, Killgrave is described as an “enignmatic figure from Jessica’s past” who will rattle the superhero-turned-sleuth to her core.

For those who have read the comic Alias that stars Jessica Jones, Killgrave is also known as “The Purple Man” in the Marvel comics universe. He originally appeared as a nemesis for Daredevil and Luke Cage—two other characters set for a Netflix series—before becoming a major Jessica Jones antagonist.

You can see the Purple Man in Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon in the episode Emperor Stark. He has the ability to control their actions by verbal suggestions.

Do you think David Tennant will be a good villain after his time as a hero in Doctor Who?

Source: Marvel

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