The weather is getting colder and we just got our first snow of the season, but that doesn’t mean things aren’t heating up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. First up, we shared the Captain America: The Winter Soldier poster this week on Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook and that was enough to get me excited for the teaser trailer this week. Sure we only get the backside of Chris Evans as Steve Rogers, but Marvel has more than made up for it with two stills from the film.

One showcases Captain in his new outfit with Samuel Jackson returning as Nick Fury. Say what you will, but that new design (well, old really) is pretty slick and I want to see that in the film. Secondly, we get an overhead view of the destruction that a guy with a shield can do in an elevator, presumably modeled after the scene in the original Old Boy film. What do you think, are you excited for Captain America’s second solo outing?




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