The first trailer for Marvel’s 2016 CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR trailer has hit the world and we’re all going to be in for an emotional and physical ride this coming March.

From the trailer, we see Steve Rogers (Captain America) has found Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier) and is working with Sam Wilson (The Falcon) to take on some sort of government machination that would make superheroes government employees. This seems to be in direct opposition of Tony Stark (Iron Man) and General Ross (from the Incredible Hulk) who say that these vigilantes need training, supervision, and to be accountable to the world.

Along the way, the rest of the superheroes get caught up and end up fighting each other, including Hawkeye, War Machine, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man, Vision, Black Widow, and the newest Marvel Cinematic character, Black Panther. How do all of these heroes end up at each other’s throats? We’re not sure just yet, but it will end in the biggest brawl on cinemas next year (sorry, not sorry Batman and Superman).

Enjoy the trailer below and mark your calendars for May 6, 2015.

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