Continuing our end of 2014 countdown, we come to our favorite artwork of the year! This can be posters, comic books, an artist in particular, so on and so forth. For this, again, Brian and I agreed with each other, but came to separate conclusions on who should take the top spot of the year.

Come back later this week as we give you the Worst Artwork of the year and you can compare. If you think we missed someone great who’s work stood above the rest, you let us know!

Brian – Ryan Stegman, artist for “Inhuman”

inhuman ryan stegman marvel thor medusa reader

Ryan Stegman more then established himself in 2013 with his work on Superior Spider-man and the short lived Wolverine series. Recently helped launch Marvel’s new series Inhuman, written by Charles Soule. Stegman’s art style is both smooth and extremely detail oriented, making his artwork sleek, powerful, and easy to identify. With Marvel’s recent announcement of an Inhumans movie can only hope Stegman continues to make this series shine for ya.



Chris – Avengers v5 #25-27

“These connected variant covers are a continuation of Avengers v5 #1-3 from Dustin Weaver. I was able to get my hands on all 3 variants and it definitely shows how cool some variants can be, not just something to chase. A second runner up would also be Avengers #30-34 (non-variants), which had all 6 infinity gems and different versions of the Avengers as they jumped through time. Its definitely a beautiful finished product.” Below, you’ll find the Dustin Weaver version of Avengers V5 #1-3 and his variants for #25-27 combined.

marvel avengers volume 5 1 2 3 25 26 27 dustin weaver variants
Marvel Avengers v5
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