New comic book day! We could totally write about the majority of the Marvel issues coming out this week, but I’ll tell you right now that only a few caught our eye. Check them out below, potentially spoiler free.


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Infinity #2 comes to us when we most need it. It picks up on the heels of Infinity #1, Avengers #18, and New Avengers #9 and wraps them all in a package that has kicked up my interest, while maintaining the flow of the story that readers desire. The second part of this six issue event presents (brand) new information while shedding light on events that have transpired in the previous issue (and respective tie-ins), leading up to a draw dropping conclusion for the book.

The (assumed) success of this event and my unnatural love for it has come from how Jonathan Hickman has positioned his players across the board since Marvel NOW! started nearly a year ago. Starting with Avengers #1 and New Avengers #1, Hickman has crafted two groups of super powered people who are faced with situations that are catastrophic to the Earth and on a more intimate scale, the team relationships. Now the heroes are faced with enemies they cannot simply punch in the face or hide from the world as the Cull Obsidian begins a destructive reign.

Since the Marvel NOW! branding, Marvel has taken liberties in introducing brand new characters, which have yielded unexpected results. To not have the baggage of 40+ years in comic books is one of the most freeing feelings yet, as Corvus Glaive presents himself to the Inhumans. We know not how he will act, and this scene proves to be most intriguing. As the book shifts to the cosmic battles, we see the Ex Nihili and some of their new powers as Gladiator and his troops obtain a victory. Hickman has given us truly frightening characters due to our lack of knowledge in their operations and their appearance seems to be that which can only be created in nightmares.

The chapter format works well in Infinity #2 again, as we are presented with fewer chapters, but more meaningful information. The book leaves few stones unturned as it moves throughout the locales which are in most danger, Earth, Space, and Attilan (technically Earth right now, but whatever). The reader never gets lost in these transitions either as the switches come at proper times in the story flow, giving enough situation to breathe and escalate at the same time. Infinity as a whole would make for one hell of a cinematic experience.

Lastly, the artwork leaves a little bit to be desired in this issue. A notably ugly scene involves a close up view of Medusa, wife of Black Bolt. Her eyes, forehead, and angles all prove to be nearly revolting for a queen who is supposed to be full of beauty and elegance. I’m also not a huge fan of the Avenger’s space suits, since they all seem to have different ones that allow for fighting in deep-space environments. I have an affinity for Falcon’s hawk head helmet though, that thing is tight. In the end, the characters (mostly in space) almost look greasy to a point that it detracts from the rest of the story, but not enough for me to hate it.

Infinity #2 is a book that follows its excellent predecessor with the right amount of action and drama, preventing it from suffering event lulls that we’ve seen in more recent stories. The background has set, the wheels are in motion, and with one of the best reveals I’ve seen in a long time, we’re looking to get a triple A story that Marvel fans will be talking about for years.

Infinity #2 – 4.5/5 must read

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