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Mark Ruffalo Hulking out for AGE OF ULTRON

Mark Ruffalo Hulking out for AGE OF ULTRON

by Christopher DillardMay 10, 2014

We’ve seen several images from the production of the Avengers sequel, AGE OF ULTRON, but no one has given us a look behind the scenes more than Mark Ruffalo. Just look at his Instagram account! From images with Robert Downey Jr. labeled as Science-Bros to ScarJo in her Black Widow robe and even a selfie with the Joss himself, Ruffalo seems really excited to be back on set as the Green Goliath.

Since most of the Hulk is done with CGI, they use Ruffalo’s face as the basis for his looks. This allows the Hulk and Bruce Banner to look and feel like the same person. With all the behind the scenes photos on Instagram, it lets us see the work that goes into transforming Mark Ruffalo into the Hulk. Have a peek at the CG process for that role below!


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