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C2E2: Exhibitors and Professionals

C2E2: Exhibitors and Professionals

by Christopher DillardApril 29, 2014

The first year I attended C2E2, my fragile little mind was blown by all of the shops and exhibitors that had made the event a tiny bazaar. From the local comic book shops (and not so local ones), to the sword and utilikilt vendors, to the never ending toy suppliers, there were almost too many things to spend money on. Thankfully, I never felt the urge to buy any of these random items and start an unnecessarily expensive collection of rare toys, but I was always intrigued by their wares and surplus of obscure stuff.

This year at C2E2, it was no exception. We’ve taken photos from the exhibition floor and decided to let you see exactly how these vendors work. I was disappointed by the lack of a 2 story tall t-shirt booth, but that was too many shirts anyways. Enjoy the gallery and come back tomorrow as we unveil our time at C2E2 2014!



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