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First Look at Jared Leto’s JOKER

First Look at Jared Leto’s JOKER

by Christopher DillardApril 27, 2015

Now we’re a few days late on this, but mostly because we’ve been in Chicago at C2E2 all weekend. Stay tuned for those exclusive interviews and coverage, but now let’s focus on the Joker.

This image is the first official release of the Joker from the upcoming Suicide Squad film. This is a drastically different look than we’ve seen, especially over the years. Based on the Smiling Man image, the Joker has become the ying to Batman’s yang. We’ve seen iterations in Batman ’66 TV series, Jack Nicholson in the 80’s, Heath Ledger more recently, and finally we get to a Jared Leto version for the 2016 film.

First thing to notice is all the tattoos. Do they have meaning? They’re very iconic of the Joker’s messages he normally leaves. A huge cartoonish grin, tons of haha’s on his arm, and do we spy a Robin on his right bicep? Potential foreshadowing there. Also, he’s apparently damaged with a capital d.

Secondly, the coloring appears to be spot on. Green hair? Check. White skin? Check. Purple glove? Ummm…sure!

Lastly, the teeth. Those are metal teeth. To me, this is post Batman and he was pulverized by him, losing all his teeth. If he’s in prison, the tattoos and teeth then make sense to keep that signature smile. Or they’re just being weird. We’ll see.

Tell us your thoughts and opinions on the Joker and we’ll be sure to make a list, check it twice, then probably do something with it. SUICIDE SQUAD is due for release August 5, 2016 from DC and Warner Bros.

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