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TV Roundup for 2015-2016

TV Roundup for 2015-2016

by Christopher DillardMay 14, 2015

The news has been extremely light this week for all comic book fans, unless you’re into their television series! Arrow wrapped up its third season, Agents of SHIELD finished strong for season 2 and a bunch more were confirmed for next year.

In today’s post, I’m going to give you a run down of what series will be back for 2015-2016, what new arrivals will be showing up, and sadly, who isn’t coming back (yet). If we leave anything out, let us know! We can’t watch every show out there, the time just isn’t there, but we’ll tell you which one’s we’ll be following as time goes forward.

Note: Some series may start fall 2015 and others may be spring 2016.

I’ll try to include a fun fact for each one so you’ll know whats up. We’ll provide lots of information once production begins on each series!

Comeback Kids

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD – Season 3 (ABC)
Will focus on Marvel’s Secret Warriors story. We watch this.

Marvel’s Agent Carter – Season 2 (ABC)
Carter moves across America to San Francisco! We watch this.

Daredevil – Season 2 (Netflix)
Unexpected, yet expected. “Didn’t see this coming” joke inbound. We watch and review this.

Arrow – Season 4 (CW)
Ummm…its dark and brooding?

The Flash – Season 2 (CW)
The finale hasn’t aired yet, but time-travel has to be involved! We watch this.

Gotham – Season 2 (Fox)
Mr. Freeze and the Joker will be mainstays next season.

iZombie – Season 2 (CW)
Seriously? Who watches this crap?

Powers – Season 2 (PSN)
This is a pretty great show, honestly. We watch this.


Supergirl (CBS)
This looks like a disaster waiting to happen. Watch the trailer.

Legends of Tomorrow (CW)
13 episodes of a Flash/Arrow crossover? Sounds fun! Watch the trailer.

Lucifer (Fox)
Based on Sandman’s character, great trailer!

Marvel’s AKA Jessica Jones (Netflix)
In line with Daredevil, expect us to meet Jessica Jones.

Preacher (AMC)
Seth Rogen produced, Marvel casting. Thumbs up.

X-Files (kind of)
6 part return of Mulder/Scully, not sure how its connected.

Minority Report
TV Show post-movie events, looks promising. Watch the trailer.


You may be revived by CW though…


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