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May 4, 2018

Art Baltazar Interview | C2E2 2018 | ComicUI & Superhero Slate

Chris Dillard & Brian Smith interview Art Baltazar - comic artist, cartoonist, writer, penciler, and more at C2E2 2018 | ComicUI & Superhero Slate
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May 4, 2018

Tom Brevoort Interview | C2E2 2018 | ComicUI & Superhero Slate

Chris Dillard & Brian Smith interview Tom Brevoort (Executive Editor & Senior Vice President of Publishing of Marvel Comics) at C2E2 2018 | ComicUI & Superhero Slate
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July 24, 2015

C2E2: ComicUI Interview with China, IL

At C2E2 2015, Chris Dillard and Brian Smith of ComicUI interviewed Brad Neely, Dave Newberg, and Daniel Weidenfeld of China, IL on Adult Swim.

We ask the hard hitting questions about China, IL and BS with some of the funniest guys at C2E2.

Stay tuned through the whole interview to find out what kind of shoes Brad, Dave, and Daniel all enjoy wearing, courtesy of Luke Baker.

Chris Dillard & Brian Smith – Interviewers Adam Niemiec – Camera Greg Cunningham – Sound/Lights


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May 8, 2015

C2E2: ComicUI Exclusive Interview with Jonathan Hickman

This year’s C2E2 we did a lot of audio and video interviews. During the 3 show days, our first interview was with one of our favorite authors, Jonathan Hickman. Many know him for his Marvel work (which we here at ComicUI rave about): Ultimate Comics Ultimates, Secret Warriors, Fantastic Four, Avengers, New Avengers, and currently Secret Wars. His other work includes critically acclaimed titles such as The Manhattan Projects, East of West, and God is Dead.

If you’re familiar with Hickman’s work, you’ll know that nothing is by accident and dichotomies don’t exist in his work.┬áThe best parts are how he can turn villains into sympathetic characters. [...]

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