Pick of the Week

The creators of ComicUI are proud to bring you a new site devoted exclusively to our weekly ComicUI Pick of the Week. In addition to providing you our weekly pick every Monday, pick.comicui.com shares additional publishing information regarding the ComicUI Pick of the Week and, starting this October, we’ll be adding reviews as well as any additional thoughts we had during the selection process for that week.

In the past the ComicUI Pick of the Week could be found in footer of ComicUI. We plan to continue providing this, and from now on, merely click the cover image of the ComicUI Pick of the Week, or navigate your browser to <a href=”http://pick.comicui.com”>pick.comicui.com</a> to be taken to the ComicUI Pick of the Week Website. We hope you enjoy our picks, and encourage you to share your thoughts on the ComicUI Pick of the Week by emailing Brian or Chris or commenting on the Pick of the Week website at: pick.comicui.com!

Pick of the Week Archive | Coming Soon

ComicUI has Pick of the Week selections dating back over 70 weeks, and are working vigilantly to create new and exciting ways to explore previous ComicUI Picks. Check back soon for our full archive, coming soon!