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[panel title=”Scarlet Witch” description=”Adi Granov – Scarlet Witch”][/panel]
[panel title=”Muppet Avengers” description=”Justin Ponsor – Muppet Avengers”][/panel]
[panel title=”Ultimate Spider-Man vs Carnage” description=”Mark Bagley – Ultimate Spider-Man vs Carnage”][/panel]
[panel title=”Guardians of the Galaxy 8 Bit” description=”Victor Dandridge – Guardians of the Galaxy 8 Bit”][/panel]
[panel title=”8 Bit Weapon X Wolverine” description=”Victor Dandridge – 8 Bit Weapon X Wolverine”][/panel]
[panel title=”Signed Comics” description=”Various – Signed Comics”][/panel]
[panel title=”The Watcher’s Eye Bouncy Ball” description=”Original Sin – The Watcher’s Eye Bouncy Ball”][/panel]

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