We’ve had a dip in news lately, once Age of Ultron landed and we reviewed it, nothing has really crossed our paths tons hare. However, that doesn’t mean things aren’t going to pick back up soon!

Until then, we’re getting excited to return to the island that captured our imagination years ago, Isla Nublar in JURASSIC WORLD. This first trip back to this island since the originally Jurassic Park (the others were at Isla Sorna, a backup island where the dinosaurs were raised).

To get us ready for this awesome show, we’re going to go ahead and share an international trailer for the film, one that I came across on /Film that really shows how great this movie can (and probably will) be. Theres hardly any dialogue, the slow music is menacing, and it shows how scary these things can be.

Who else is going back to the park this weekend?!


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