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Iron Man 3 Preview – ComicUI

Iron Man 3 Preview

Iron Man 3, the ending to the first complete trilogy created solely by Marvel Studios. This means a lot in the world of comic book films, as many can attest to the third film being the worst of the series in almost every case. Examples include Spider-man, Blade, X-men, Superman, and Batman (to an extent). The problem comes from either the films getting too large to handle, studio intervention, or just being worn into the ground. However, being the first film after the Avengers doesn’t help either. We don’t need a bad film to ruin the buzz we all still have from that star studded spectacle.

Iron Man 3 has a few great things going for it to start off.

  1. The film is still under Marvel Studios, who has full creative control over their films (Joss Whedon leading that group) and has not lead us astray in the past 5 years. My faith in them has not wavered, but grown in time as each year passes.

  2. It has a new writing and directing team of Shane Black. Known for writing such films as Lethal Weapon and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, this man is one of my heroes in filmmaking today. His wittiness and brilliant take on material will keep it fresh and funny without losing what makes Marvel’s films work, compassion.

  3. Robert Downey Jr in the role he was born to play. Since Iron Man was first announced, I have preached the brilliant casting choice of the self-destructive star of yesteryear. He has stepped into Tony Stark and embodied him fully in each and every film he has worked on.

  4. Lastly, the armors. Utilizing the Extremis process and from what I hear up to 47 armors, this movie could be one of the biggest ones for Marvel and Tony Stark to date. Sure, the Chitauri were numerous in numbers but generic in style. Mr. Stark has always been a man of many, fine suits and I doubt we will get 47 of the same armor types in the end. This will be the scene to watch for easter eggs and nods to past comics.

Taking a step back and looking at the new variables in play for Iron Man 3, it seems that we may see a more intimate version of Tony Stark, but still maintain all the flashy bits that make him so appealing. Come May 3, I do hope to not leave disappointed. Hit up the link below to check out the latest trailer for Iron Man 3.