Marvel has released the first Teaser Trailer for next year’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL 2 and it is looking like the best way to start off summer 2017.

From this trailer, we see the old team is back at it (and fighting the previously revealed Abelisk), and possibly an even larger threat. The real standouts of the trailer are Baby Groot and his innocence but ferociousness, as well as the first look at Mantis near the end. Humor is a big factor in the Guardian’s series and it looks to continue delivering the fun we fell in love with in 2014.

Also, the best part of the original Guardians film was the soundtrack and this time the signature song seems to be “Fox on the Run” by Sweet. So we’ll keep looking for more musical queues for the upcoming film and keep you posted!

What’d you guys think of the teaser? In theaters May 2017.