Marvel and Netflix have confirmed that their critically acclaimed series JESSICA JONES will be getting a second season in the upcoming future. Nearly 2 months after debut, many were wondering the status of the show’s second season chances and now we have confirmation it will come to fruition!

Also with this, we have learned Melissa Rosenberg will be returning as show runner for the series, hopefully continuing the quality and production value the first season had.

However, at this time, there is no premier date for the series return and it all depends on Marvel and Netflix’s DEFENDERS series. With this, it could be the first series to return after the Defender’s mini-series. On the flip side, it could also premiere later this year as well if Marvel puts enough money and energy into their shows.

Do you think JESSICA JONES deserves a season 2? Read our review to see what we think (in short, the answer is yes) and come back as more develops!


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