According to a report from THR, Fox’s next solo X-Man movie is going through rewrites. GAMBIT starring Channing Tatum and directed by Doug Liman is on hold as Reid Carolin rewrites the screenplay. Carolin is a producer who frequently works with Tatum, including his Magic Mike films and other properties.

In the meantime, Liman is going to work on a smaller film, The Wall, for Amazon. This does not rule out his involvement in the Gambit film, but rather gives us a time frame of late 2017 for the film to hit. My guess is that it falls into the October 6 slot that Fox has claimed as an ‘untitled Marvel film.’ I guess Tatum’s hairstyle from the red carpet last month wasn’t an indicator of the film’s production. Whoops!

I actually find this news for Gambit refreshing, as Fox doesn’t need a third mutant film this year, and the more work on Gambit the better! It seems to be a good sign they’re not hesitant to postpone the film for refinements, rather than rush out a product for no reason.

Do you think Fox is making the right move or should Gambit get to the spotlight immediately? Let us know!

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