Welcome to ComicUI’s spoiler free review of Fox’s DEADPOOL! Now in theaters, I watched the film in IMAX and would recommend that highly to anyone with the opportunity. This movie also was not released in 3D, and I applaud that. Lets get it on!

From the moment the movie starts, you can tell DEADPOOL is going to be tongue in cheek the entire time. The opening credits had myself and the entire audience in laughter the whole way through, and the movie doesn’t slow down from there. From the most off the wall responses and the inevitable 4th wall-breaking, the gags don’t distract from the character but only remind us how serious we shouldn’t be taking the film. Its honestly a surprise Deadpool was made in today’s hustle and bustle of family-friendly Marvel films and the dark desolate DC cinematic universe, while still tying in directly to the venerable X-Men franchise. You’ll probably be in shock and awe at how they got away with some of the stunts and comments. In fact, you may need to see it a second time because they’re so fast, you may miss one during the audience’s over reactions to them.

Action. Action. Action. Despite being funny, the action in this film is off the rails. The R rating gives it that extra oomph and makes you first pump a lot more than you normally would. Bullet fights, sword dismemberments, enhanced strength beat-downs, and more keep you glued to the scenes, holding little to nothing back the entire time. Blood splatters, limbs fly, and so much more the only way to do it justice would be to watch it. For a smaller budget film, they stretch their dollars the whole way.

Despite the vulgarity, death, and unrelenting violence, you come to sympathize with Wade Wilson, mercenary turned cancer victim turned mutant. His interaction with Vanessa makes their relationship feel real and not just a sugar coated princess dream. His whole mission seems a bit general though, going through extreme lengths to regain his good looks to woo the woman of his dreams again, but that was never the reason I wanted to see this movie anyways. It never took me out of the film, but kept appearing as a convenient plot device.

DEADPOOL also used the X-Man Colossus in a way we’ve never seen, being a big, bulking, metal man that is trying to guide wayward Wades into being a hero. His overbearing mentor speeches were the perfect foils for Wade’s excessive actions and were often just as humorous in opposition to his antics. Even introducing Negasonic Teenage Warhead and the possibility of more never-before-seen mutants too obscure for the main X-Men franchise is pretty awesome. Crossing our fingers for that Deadpool and Cable or X-Force film in a few years.

DEADPOOL is a superhero movie that knows no bounds, yet has one of the most firm grasps on its content and character than any other comic book film we’ve seen in a long time. Counting this as his initial debut (Wolverine: Origins doesn’t count), Wade Wilson brings the pain and gore, shocking quips and witticisms, as well as (most surprisingly) a huge amount of heart. Despite some mis-steps at Fox running up to this moment, DEADPOOL will be the standard upon all R rated superhero films will look up to going forward.


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