The second part of Marvel’s DAREDEVIL Season 2 trailer from last week has released, giving us a look at how Elektra and the Hand play into the upcoming return. This season looks to be going all out on action, from choreographed fights with ninjas, brutal brawls with the Punisher, and no doubt more surprises still in store, Netflix will be the streaming service to have this March.

A few notes is that Stick seems to be returning and confirmed the existence of Hand ninjas, red glass now appears in Daredevil’s eye covers, Claire Temple returns as the only nurse of Hell’s Kitchen, and as usual, Matt Murdock will be bruised throughout most of the show.

With less than a month till Marvel’s DAREDEVIL lands for Season 2 on Netflix, you can count us excited. Do you think we’ll have three great series in a row or has the hype raised the bar too high?


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