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This weekend at SDCC 15 has been a whirlwind! Without Marvel’s presence, every other studio came forth with a ton of information and to keep things simple, I’m going to just post them by what movie did what things. You can check out the insanely popular BATMAN V SUPERMAN trailer that was officially released too.

Now for some X-MEN: APOCALYPSE. The 7th movie in the X-Men franchise, Apocalypse is bringing the mutant villain to the big screen, as well as younger versions of the X-Men team. Yes, he will be blue and violet and fairly true to the comic book look that has become iconic over the years.

From this, we’ve gained Apocalypse has powers of persuasion and is one of the first mutants, the ‘father’ of them all. It also wouldn’t the coming apocalypse without his four horsemen, who have been confirmed to be: Angel, Pyslocke, Magneto, and Storm. If you watch the leaked trailer below, you’ll get to see blurry glimpses of the characters.

This Bryan Singer helmed film looks to be a great follow up to DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, another adaptation from a critically acclaimed story arc in the X-Men universe. Enjoy this leaked trailer from SDCC this year and an official poster for the film as well!

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