I’m not sure how we missed this, but Marvel is brining a new, amazing looking game to mobile devices this fall. Announced at SDCC this past weekend the game looks to be pretty awesome (Brian thought it was an Xbox game) and contain one of my favorite characters, Black Bolt. Read the Q&A with the developers on for more information!

Marvel announced a new game for mobile platforms during Comic-Con International 2014 that will pit some of Marvel’s iconic heroes against one another. “Marvel Contest of Champions,” by “Kingdoms of Camelot” developer Kabam and set to hit Fall 2014, is an action-oriented title where players fight their way through the Marvel Universe and collect characters as play progresses. Written by “Legendary Star-Lord” scribe Sam Humphries, the game’s trailer and screenshots reveal characters from across the Marvel U, including Captain America, Iron Man, Deadpool, Vision, Colossus, Black Panther, Hulk, Storm, Thor, Cyclops, Black Bolt, Spider-Man and Juggernaut.

“In terms of controls, we most definitely are designing this game specifically for the strengths of the touch device platforms. There won’t be any buttons or virtual joysticks. I know it sounds clichéd, but the controls really are intuitive and easy to pick up. There are a variety of basic attacks — light, medium, and heavy — and each hero has multiple signature special attacks that can be used for greater damage,” creative director Cuz Parry told “There is a combo system that rewards players for mixing up their moves and performing well-timed blocks. The higher the combo, the faster your special attacks regenerate. I can’t go too much deeper into the specifics but rest assured our dev team is comprised of many avid fighting game experts that are dedicated to making a fun, accessible fighting game with a degree of depth to satisfy fans of the genre.”

Watch the trailer and expect us to let you know when it releases later this year!


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