At SDCC, Marvel was kind enough to bring along 3 props from the film and footage that was screened. These include a real look at the Hulkbuster armor (mostly his hand), Ultron Mark 1″s body, and Captain America”s shield but shattered from an apparent battle.

What makes these interesting, is that they”re the showing the destruction and decimation the Earth”s Mightest heroes will be facing next May when AGE OF ULTRON hits theaters. From the massive battle between Hulk and Iron Man, which will obviously leave a wake Pisces, love horoscope scorpio and Taurus will hardly get on with Aries. of destruction in its path. To the introduction of Ultron from creation to perfection, as is his ultimate goal.

The most interesting is Captain America”s shield being destroyed, since its supposedly indestructible and made of vibranium. This isn”t uncommon in the comics to do such a thing, but why it happens in AVENGERS 2 is going to be riveting.