You may have noticed that we’ve been a bit behind on the news this week, other than the absolutely kick-ass trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Its true, things have been a bit on the back burner as I’m transitioning to a new job (love it) and we’re preparing for Detroit FanFare this Saturday (something else HUGE is in the works; you’ve been warned), but that doesn’t mean the news stops too. So to make up for it, I have a run down of tidbits I’ve heard this week as Kevin Feige emerged from his place at Marvel and prepared for Thor: The Dark World’s release.

Chris Hemsworth’s Future as THOR

Recently starring in Ron Howard’s Rush, which is gathering good reviews, Chris Hemsworth has spoken a little bit about the future of Thor and what promises the actor has already made to Marvel. He stated that he is signed on for 2 more Avengers films and one solo film, with the inclusion that if people want to see more of the character he would be very much up for it. This may not be uncommon knowledge, but the fact he confirms his parts in Avengers 2/3 and a third Thor film is pretty cool. I’m not saying Thor 3 will be a Phase 3 film, but I don’t see how it needs to be rushed (unless they desperately need to tell another story to lead to Avengers 3). Anyways, fun stuff!

Alan Taylor Not Happy with THOR: THE DARK WORLD’s Post Credit Sequence?

Word is that a certain director for an upcoming Marvel film has filmed a scene for the stingers included with Thor: The Dark World and that the director of TDW is not happy about it. Alan Taylor in a very diplomatic way hinted at the fact he would have done the end credits scene a different way. If you’re not too worried about SPOILERS, highlight after this sentence to get the some news: The end scene was filmed by James Gunn and features Benicio Del Toro as the Collector, leading into Guardians of the Galaxy. Sure, its not a huge spoiler but I’d rather see it next Wednesday!


Kevin Feige was talking about upcoming Marvel films that are in the works and he stated that the Black Panther film was very much into development (doesn’t mean its going to be anytime soon). Not that any movies beyond Ant Man are confirmed for Marvel, but my assumption is we’ll be seeing a lot more B characters come up with films. High candidates include Black Panther, Inhumans, and Doctor Strange. Others may include Punisher and Daredevil, with a higher probability Marvel Knights may become a subset of the main Cinematic Universe.

Another confirmation is that Marvel is creating 4 VOD series and these may go to Netflix, Amazon, iTunes as digital only releases. However, what we don’t know are the topics at hand. My assumption is that these may be some B characters getting smaller shows before a larger release. Similar to SHIELD television show but more contained into a digital series, a la House of Cards, etc.

ANT-MAN is a Heist Film

Also, Feige confirmed that Ant Man is a “heist film” and leads me to believe that the main star will not be Hank Pym, but rather about Eric O’Grady or Scott Lang, who is using the Ant Man suit and abilities for monetary purposes. Lang was a thief who stole the suit from Pym to save his daughter from a heart condition only to reform and become a super hero later. This is my theory, but with Edgar Wright at the helm, there is no telling what we’ll get.

Bryan Singer Instagrams DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Teaser

X-Men Days of Future Past is coming out next spring/summer, right after Captain America. Despite all the production photos and viral websites, we’ve yet to see any real footage (other than the stinger in the Wolverine). However, today, Bryan Singer decided to post 6 seconds of the upcoming trailer to Instagram. The full trailer will hit the last week of October, most likely with the IMAX 3D Screenings of Thor: The Dark World, and this taste only whets our appetite for more. Will Singer revive the fluctuating franchise or be the final nail in the coffin? Either way, the Wolverine opened as the number one film in China last week.


Ryan Reynolds Says DEADPOOL “Tiptoeing Forward”

Ryan Reynolds has said that recent activity at Fox has helped the Deadpool film move forward. What this means? No clue. But what he does say is that it has a ‘minimal budget’ and wouldn’t impact the studio financially, especially because it needs an R rating. This just means families wouldn’t go see it but tons and tons of comic book fans would. Or they’d play cry babies and detest it, either way, we may see a Deadpool movie hit sooner than expected!

The Avengers Get Anime’d in MARVEL DISC WARS: THE AVENGERS

After the 4 anime series Marvel did and the follow up movie, Rise of Technovore, we’d think Marvel had enough Anime on their plate. But no, they want to do it to the Avengers too. The picture I have from this is a bit ridiculous, kind of hilarious actually, but still makes me weep inside for this futile attempt to bring the Marvel characters to the East.


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