ComicUI and Pickled Comics come together for another topical team-up covering the craze known as STAR WARS! Over the past few months, we’ve been watching, studying, and researching the Star Wars films from start to finish, including the de-specialized original trilogy.

The original trilogy was a treat to revisit! I watched the unaltered, de-specialized versions from Harmy and used commentary from the blu-ray releases to compile the information. Despite them being loved by all, theres still some facts that fell to the dark side.

Thanks to the amazing talent of Mike Royer at Pickled Comics, he brings us the definitive movie poster comprised of these trivia tidbits. Look on below at this mind-blowing poster, read the entire list of fun facts below curated by ComicUI, and get hyped for Star Wars: The Force Awakens later this week!

Star Wars: Episode 4 – A New Hope

Released: May 25, 1983
Directed by Richard Marquand
Written by George Lucas and Lawrence Kasdan
Rated PG
Runtime: 134 minutes

Budget: $32.5 million
Gross: $309 million (USA, lifetime)


  • Slave Leia bikini aroused because Carrie Fisher felt her old costumes were too long
  • Endor is the name of a place in the bible, and also is Middle-earth in Elvish (Lord of the Rings)
  • Carrie Fisher has a cocaine pinky fingernail from her drug problems
  • Fake scripts were given to actors who were known to give information to the media
  • 6 people moved the Jabba the Hutt puppet
  • Many ships at the battle of Endor were just chewed up gum in the background
  • Death Star II was 460% larger than original
  • Admiral Ackbar originally said “It’s a trick!” and was changed when test audiences hated it
  • Ewok is never said in the film, nor are they referred to by name
  • Darth Vader doesn’t choke anyone in this film
  • Peter Mayhew had to be careful in Chewbacca costume, as to not to be confused with Bigfoot
  • Wedge is the only X-wing pilot to survive all 3 films (outside of the main cast)
  • Had a ‘black friday’ where George Lucas dumped 100,000 feet of film stock that couldn’t be read in an optical printer

Image Source: Pickled Comics

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