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Star Wars Trilogy Trivia – Episode 4 – A New Hope – ComicUI

Star Wars Trilogy Trivia – Episode 4 – A New Hope

ComicUI and Pickled Comics come together for another topical team-up covering the craze known as STAR WARS! Over the past few months, we’ve been watching, studying, and researching the Star Wars films from start to finish, including the de-specialized original trilogy.

The original trilogy was a treat to revisit! I watched the unaltered, de-specialized versions from Harmy and used commentary from the blu-ray releases to compile the information. Despite them being loved by all, theres still some facts that fell to the dark side.

Thanks to the amazing talent of Mike Royer at Pickled Comics, he brings us the definitive movie poster comprised of these trivia tidbits. Look on below at this mind-blowing poster, read the entire list of fun facts below curated by ComicUI, and get hyped for Star Wars: The Force Awakens later this week!

Star Wars: Episode 4 – A New Hope


Released: May 25, 1977
Directed by George Lucas
Written by George Lucas
Rated PG
Runtime: 121 minutes

Budget: $11 million
Gross: $461 million (USA, lifetime)


  • Lucas was so sure the film would flop, he went on vacation with Spielberg instead of the premiere
  • The Greater Krayt Dragon skeleton was left in the Tunisian desert, and still resides there
  • Darth Vader’s body actor and voice actors have never met
  • George Lucas’ direction to actors was “Faster” or “More intense” and had boards with those written on it when he lost his voice.
  • Only Star Wars film nominated for Best Picture
  • First film to ever make $300,000,000
  • $5 million went to ILM
  • Harrison Ford on the dialogue – “You can type this shit, but you can’t say it.”
  • Studio execs were upset Chewbacca had no clothes and tried to get shorts put on him
  • Less than 40 theaters agreed to show the film initially
  • Marvel had the first promotional license, creating a comic series
  • First movie to be dubbed into Navajo

Image Source: Pickled Comics