ComicUI and Pickled Comics come together for another topical team-up covering the craze known as STAR WARS! Over the past few months, we’ve been watching, studying, and researching the Star Wars films from start to finish, including the prequel trilogy.

We admit it wasn’t easy to go back and watch Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith, but from all the ashes of Mustafar, these random, fun, hilarious, and sometimes questionable facts arose.

Thanks to the amazing talent of Mike Royer at Pickled Comics, he brings us the definitive movie poster comprised of these trivia tidbits. Look on below at this mind-blowing poster, read the entire list of fun facts below curated by ComicUI, and get hyped for Star Wars: The Force Awakens later this week!

Star Wars: Episode 3 – Revenge of the Sith

Released: May 19, 2005
Directed by George Lucas
Written by George Lucas
Rated PG-13
Runtime: 140 minutes

Budget: $113 million
Gross: $380 million (USA)


  • Highest Star Wars opening ($108 million)
  • Han Solo was to appear on Kashyyyk with the wookies, but was cut
  • Original script had the film at 4 hours
  • Mustafar is George Lucas’ vision of hell
  • Anakin has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder from the APA
  • 2,200+ visual effects shots – more than Ep 1 and 2 combined
  • Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker are the only actors to appear in all 6 films\
  • 40 screen wipes
  • Only film to have higher than PG rating
  • The first time we see two lightsabers of the same color fight/hit each other
  • Only film to not include R2-D2 in the final shot

Image Source: Pickled Comics

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