First and foremorst, SPOILERS. Do not read if you do not want to know whats going on in Agents of SHIELD right now. I’d recommend watching this past week’s episode “The Magical Place” before reading on. You have been warned….


After Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD returned to TV this past week, we were promised to start this second half of the season learning about Coulson’s return to life. We may not have gotten the entire detail on his resurrection, but a few details need to be pointed out.

First up, Coulson repeatedly yelled “Let me die.” over and over again during the operation. This may not seem like a huge clue, but if you look at the letters, LMD, it opens up a few doors. This could be just a coincidence or a chance for the showrunners to throw us off, but I found it too coincidental to ignore.

Second, Clark Gregg has replied to a tweet online in regards to the brain reprogramming scene of the episode with a few choice words. Read the tweet for full effect.

I find the inclusion of the word ‘inhuman’ to not be a mistake, but a deliberate ploy to drive conversation about his return. In the comic books, Inhumans are what I’d refer to as ‘space mutants’ that were created by the Kree empire as experiments. This could be a parallel to who Coulson is now an experiment with technology that may not be full explored yet. The doctor also stated that Coulson became something during the operation, perhaps he was exposed to Terrigenesis (what gives inhumans their abilities), thus creating a different type of Coulson beast. At this point, it is too early to tell, but if he is an Inhuman, that definitely makes the show a winner in my book.

Do you think Coulson is an inhuman or have we all been played a fool?

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