We would like to take some time to highlight a graphic novel by some guys we know. Releasing in the near future, STAUNCH AMBITION is an original graphic novel by the team of Brian Lau, John McNicol, and Tyler Thull. This science fiction tale introduces a dystopian future where modern technology becomes paralyzed and the resurgence of advanced industries rise in the wake of war.

We’re including the press release and will be following up with the STAUNCH AMBITION team over the next few months up until release, so come back to see artwork, listen to podcasts, and get the most up to date information on the graphic novel!

Staunch Ambition Press Release

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Staunch Ambition is a science fiction graphic novel that asks what happens when human innovation enters the supernatural. Welcome to the new enlightenment!

After a class X solar flare hits Earth dead center, all of modern technology becomes paralyzed and leads to the dismantling of social stability. Using this as an opportunity to wage war, several nations plot and scheme toward complete domination. While the nations rage, a coalition forms to restore and rebuild what progress humanity lost.

As peace and balance are significantly restored. Certain nations unite, working together, in an attempt to avoid another devastating cosmic tsunami. The support for this movement grew with such intensity it became the nucleus of a multi-trillion dollar business called “Staunch Industries” where advanced technology has granted access not only beyond the imagination, but into the imagination. With this revelation, humanity can explore the realm of thoughts, memories, ideas, and emotions in ways only once dreamed of. The layers to this new reality become much deeper than first thought.

Azarus, who has no parents, is a product of the latest advancements in genetic engineering, a newly made work clone with a mixture of human and animal DNA.   In order to keep the work clones isolated and easier to control they are created with a very limited self-consciousness and the lack of sexual organs. As Azarus becomes self-aware, he begins to question.

“What is my purpose?”

“Am I male, female?”

“Am I human?”

“Do I have free will or am I just a machine?”

While in the midst of his own confusion he will go through another transformation thrusting upon him the purpose for all of humanity.

Rielle, one of the lead supervisors of STAunch’s space station, the “ambiTION”, is forced to unearth the true reason behind their success. During her venture she will discover the reason she was adopted. Where are her mother and father? Does she even have real parents? Or was she just cooked up in some laboratory?

You can be among the 1st to get on board the staunch station. @StaunchAmbition is a Supernatural Science Fiction graphic novel. Imagine if you had this chance to be one of the 1st to follow @StarWars or Firefly. And we (Brian E Lau, John McNicol, Tyler Thull) are working EXTREMELY hard to provide a solid quality book. FOLLOW US AND WE’LL TAKE YOU INTO THE FUTURE!

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