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No News is Game News – ComicUI

No News is Game News

I’ll be the first to admit when news and posts are lacking on ComicUI. Especially the last week, there were no updates since the SHIELD editorial and honestly, I’d say its my fault. But then again, there hasn’t been any mind blowing news the past few days either. Comic sales are kinda slow this month since Marvel is pacing out Infinity actually and Ultimate Universe is coming to Cataclysm. Movies are pretty rare this time of year, unless you’re looking for the 18th Paranormal Activity film. Mind you, Thor: The Dark World is out at the end of the month in select IMAX 3D outlets. This is your warning to start avoiding spoilers on the internet RIGHT NOW. I’ve seen a few and they’re there, so lay low.

I guess the real reason updates are slow is that video games are coming into fruition right now. With Grand Theft Auto 5, I’ve sank a few days into the game and a few more into Online with friends. Thankfully, I didn’t suffer from any online outages or losses, so its been a rather pleasant experience. Money to buy cars and garages and houses seems to be a pain in the proverbial ass, but its still awesome.


Next up we have Skylanders Swapforce at the end of this week and the preorders are placed. If you’re looking for the best deals and places to find them, leave a message below and I’ll give you all the details you could want. Toys R Us seems to be the best place right now, with a few cool variants at Wal-mart. I have an issue with variants, which is obvious in my comic collection.

After that we have the much anticipated LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. With 155 playable characters, crazy looking vehicles, and just a sheer amount of depth, you can count on me sinking a few hours into the single player mode and some more into Free Mode. The Guardians of the Galaxy are playable and of course the infamous Agent M (Ryan Penagos), Marvel’s social media guru. I met him at C2E2 this year and almost swooned. Its a problem.

Battlefield 4 is in beta right now (open beta) which is worth a passing mention, but I don’t see myself purchasing it anytime soon. Not yet at least.

Stick of Truth

Lastly, South Park: The Stick of Truth is out this December 10 and despite the fact its a single player experience only, I could not be more excited for a video game based on current media. The gameplay looks like it is truly from the show, there are tons of references throughout that cover the show’s 17 years on television, and (the most overhyped aspect) is that Matt and Trey created a map for the town, which they’ve never done before. Since its being put out by Obsidian and Ubisoft, I expect an above average game experience that will be a cult classic.

Such a shame I don’t own a Nintendo 2/3DS either, because Pokemon X/Y are out tomorrow. I’m not sure which version I’d get, but I can tell you that I want to play them. Badly. So expect me to pick up a 2DS and give it a go eventually. Let me know if you’re playing because I want to hear your thoughts!

If you’re looking for thoughts or views on any of the above games, feel free to let us know because we’re gonna be knee deep into them until calendar end. Until then, check back as we update you with the best and brightest comic news in the industry.