If you’ve not seen GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY yet, you should NOT read this post. There are spoilers in here that will definitely give away the movie for you if you’re anticipating the story.

Are you sure you want to keep reading? Because you have been warned.

Last chance, SPOILERS follow!

Ok then, now that we’re past that, we have confirmation from James Gunn that ComicUI’s theory that Adam Warlock was in Thor: The Dark World and Guardians of the Galaxy is TRUE!

Thats right, we called this last year and finally, we get word from the director/writer himself that we got it right. In a podcast with Empire, he gives us a hint at whats in the Collector’s ‘vault’ and we’ll be covering this more later, but we just couldn’t resist the chance to brag about our deduction skills. You can listen to the podcast from Empire below.

But not before we tell you that Gunn took to twitter to also confirm the purple stone in Guardians was in fact the POWER STONE! Thats right, the purple is power and last year Kevin Feige confirmed the Tesseract is the Space stone. That leaves us with the Aether, which is predicted to be the Reality stone, and potentially Loki’s staff, which could be the Mind stone. Beyond that, we’re still yet to be exposed to the Soul Stone (possibly in Doctor Strange movie) and the Time Stone, which could give us all 6 stones to complete the Infinity storyline. I doubt we’ll see a gauntlet, but probably something else.

So there you have it, more Marvel cosmic information than you can shake a stick at. Are you ready for more Guardians in 2017? According to our recent review of the film, we are.



Source: Empire | Twitter

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