Hello friends, family, and followers! Today marks the next chapter for ComicUI and we can’t do it without a little help from you.

2015 is shaping up to be one of the best years for ComicUI ! From all the great movies, TV shows, conventions, and more. Due to the success of this last year, we want to amp up our own goals and aspirations to outdo it.

2014 was another eventful year for ComicUI , including a redesign, new jobs for both of us, and a whirlwind of interviews that we can’t believe happened. We met STAN LEE, in person, with pics to prove it. ComicUI  couldn’t have done it without you.

This year, we’re asking for a little help as we start going to more conventions and bring you the best news we can. When we started in April 2013, we didn’t expect to become anything more than a small outlet for ourselves and through our fans, your support has given us tons of chances we’re very thankful for.

Our list for this year includes our favorites: Detroit Fanfare Comic-Con, C2E2, Motor City Comic-Con, Wizard World Indianapolis, Indiana Comic-Con, Gen-Con, Derby City Comic-Con, and more!

Every donation counts, and we’re giving back to those who give to us. You can read on our GoFundMe page about reward levels starting at $5 (minimum) up through $250. We want to make sure you know how much we care!

If you can help ComicUI  make it to the next convention and expo, that would mean the world to us. As we operate solely out of pocket for all expenses, every little bit helps. All funds go to hotel, travel, and convention expenses. This means that you helps us go, stay, and report back to you. All artwork, comics, and other purchases are still on us, so don’t fret.

Thank you for helping turn our passion into a reality. You keep us going.

If you want to help donate, please use and share the following link on GoFundMe, our choice when it comes to fundraising.

– Chris & Brian

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