We have reached out to our source in New York and received some more detailed information regarding the DAREDEVIL costume. Our source, who we’re gonna call Jack (in honor of Battlin’ Jack Murdock, but is NOT the character involved in the description), gave us a detailed breakdown of a scene and the suit. The sad part of most movie sets is that the crew usually doesn’t have much comic book knowledge, just film skills and knowhow. Due to that, we couldn’t get to the exact outfit, but the following description gives us a GREAT idea.

daredevil_swThe scene in question starts with the Kingpin ordering his goons to shoot daredevil, and at the last minute Daredevil grabs a pipe on the ground and throws it, knocking the gun out of his hand. The suit Daredevil was wearing is black with red and looked like a latex scuba suit. He also confirmed it also having red lines down it as highlights as well.

The crew member who witnessed this scene filming was asked to compare it to the already revealed outfit and confirmed it was NOT the same one. So he definitely gets another ‘suit’. Judging by this description, we looked into several Daredevil versions from the years. The closest one we found is the costume used in Marvel’s 2004 series Secret War. In there, “Daredevil adopted a stealthy red and black outfit to distance himself from the original identity”. This evolution from ninja outfit to stealth suit seems pretty logical, and the Secret War evolution is most logical, to keep silent and stealthy.

Below, we’ve included the Secret War alternate costume for Marvel Heroes and an image from the Secret War series as well for you to take a look at. After reading this description AND looking into it, we’ve decided that this is what we speculate the final costume will be for the series. The other popular option includes the Armored variant, but that doesn’t seem to fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe too well. Also, the variant he wears in Shadowland is making rounds as well. Judging from our source on set, we’re still thinking Secret War.

Are you ready to see what outfit Marvel delivers in 2015 for DAREDEVIL when it premiers on Netflix? Perhaps you have a better idea of what it could look like, let us know!


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