Hold onto your butts. JURASSIC WORLD released in theaters over the weekend, breaking tons of records and making lots of cash, as it should. It is the second highest opening weekend ever (behind Avengers) and is the first movie to reach over $500 million globally in its opening weekend. It is safe to say that people love returning to the park.


Jurassic World is a love child from director Colin Trevorrow and the plethora of screenwriters. It is a film that manages to ride on the coattails of awe and amazement from Jurassic Park, while still being its own film with its own thrills, especially near the climax. While many people’s concerns (including my initial gut feeling) was that this would try to retread in the first film’s beats and suffer from loud explosions, I can safely say that the trailers for this film do not do the final movie justice. The characters grow over the course of the film, as well as the dinosaurs, the true stars during the movie. What really makes this movie better than just good, is that it continues to surprise along the way, with no character feeling safe and giving a true thriller vibe through the third act.

Despite the things Jurassic World does right, there are some things it could have done to become even better. Even though we’re only dealing with carnivorous dinosaurs, others should have been brought into the fray. I’m sure there would have been creative ways to use the veggiesauruses throughout the film, rather than just scenery. Also, and this is probably stupid of me, the locales felt the same. If there had been some variety in what we were looking at, it could have injected some interest in what was happening in the film and where, rather than just two or three distinct areas.

By the end of the film, my heart was racing and I was riding a near nostalgia high from the hints and traces of the original Jurassic Park. Despite a few minor questionable choices by the end of the film, I can say that this was a great ride and after much consideration, I’ve decided to endorse this park!

Jurassic World – 4/5 T-Rexes



PS: Why didn’t they come back and touch on the missing Barbasol can!?!? Thats all I want to know.

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