Welcome patrons and friends to ComicUI! If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been here before a few times to check out some articles and leave your thoughts on some of your favorite posts. Also, I’d like to point out our title is NOT a typo, but a concept Marvel Comics uses itself, and something we would like to try and follow. Today, we’d like to welcome you to our new look, which we’re uncreatively dubbing 2.0.

From here, you may notice a new color scheme, some fancier buttons, and a lot of different ways to access our content like never before. A quick break down of some of the more ‘hidden’ features include: Breaking slider is collapsible, via blue box in upper right; Login and Register are now in the Favorites slider; ComicUI now looks better than ever on your mobile device due to the responsive web code; Commenting is now easier with the addition Twitter/Facebook; and lastly, all posts can be ‘liked’ with the heart icon on each page, which is accessible via the homepage or individual posts (so like them all!).

With that being said, we applied this new look early so you can enjoy all the posts you want with ease and beauty. However, some of the older code is still hanging around old posts, so as we get through all those, it’ll all be up to date. Please ignore our mess and feel free to report any errors on posts in the comments section or to me!

Lastly, enjoy this beautiful piece of work that also doubles as our facebook banner. It uses the Builder Code from Avengers v5 series that is currently being released through Marvel comics. The other mastermind behind ComicUI, Brian, has created an entire font from the Builder Code and I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to release it here sooner than later if you want to have some fun with it too. Until then, keep calm and ComicUI.

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