Before you scroll on, this article contains screenshots and images of every SPOILER, SECRET, EASTER EGG, and more that we could find in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. If you have NOT seen the movie, do not scroll on or you will find out confidential information.

Again, you’ve been warned a MILLION times.

This is a list of all known secrets, easter eggs, hints, and nods to other Marvel properties as seen in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. If you know of any more, you should let us know! The images are taken from a camera version of the film that is only used as proof, I recommend everyone see this movie in theaters. Now.

1. Yondu is from the original comic version of the Guardians of the Galaxy.
yondu michael rooker comic guardians of the galaxy

2. The Ravagers, lead by Yondu, have a logo that resembles the original Star-Lord logo.

3. Star-Lord’s ship is called the Milano, presumably after his childhood crush, Alyssa Milano.
Guardians of the Galaxy milano

4. A pink skinned girl on the Milano introduces herself as Bereet, someone who has met the Hulk in the comics before.

5. Stan Lee is back as a ladies man on a bridge in Xandar. Nice glass, Stan!

6. Nathan Fillion is in the movie as the voice of the large man in the prison scene. He is lifted off the ground by his nostrils, courtesy of Groot.

7. Knowhere is the base of operations of the comic book GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, and is the severed head of a celestial like the movie. The difference is that in the comics it is not run by Taneleer Tivan, nor is it a mining colony.
Knowhere Guardians of the Galaxy

8. The Collector has many things on display, each big one is a subtle hint.

a. Chitauri from The Avengers, a very sorry Chitauri.

b. A Dark Elf from Thor: The Dark World, played by Doug Jones (Hellboy; Rise of the Silver Surfer)

c. Cosmo, the space dog!

d. Before and after the credits: Howard, the duck

e. An alien creature from James Gunn’s movie, Slither.

f. Potentially: Beta Ray Bill is in a glass case and a Frost Giant too. Not really sure.

g. Is that STILL Adam Warlock back there?? (Confirmed!)

9. Tivan shows a celestial with the purple infinity stone destroying planets, which we feel is Eson the searcher.

Eson for reference:
eson the searcher celestial guardians of the galaxy

10. In this same scene, there exists an image of the infinity stones and their colors.

11. Followed by images of the Aether and the Cosmic Cube

12. Pop Culture references include Kevin Bacon, John Stamos, and Ranger Rick, from the national wildlife foundation.

Ranger Rick Guardians of the Galaxy

13. By the end, Star-Lord’s genetics come into question. In the comics, Peter Quill’s real father is King of the Spartoi empire, leading to a potential setup in the future movies.

No other Marvel movie was referenced outside of the Collector’s vault, but we’ll see the Guardians come back to kick more ass in July 2017.

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