Our source at Netflix and Marvel’s DAREDEVIL has been busy. First they let us know that Matt Murdock’s costume will be red and black, and now they’re sharing the invitation to celebrate wrapping on filming.

This is a screenshot from his computer, and we’ve of course blurred out locations/email addresses to protect the event. The last thing ComicUI wants to do is ruin a Marvel production party! The most interesting part of this invitation is that it states Season 1 of DAREDEVIL. Season 1? This implies Marvel and Netflix have enough faith in the series that it should see a Season 2 or more. Hopefully it doesn’t mean AKA JESSICA JONES is Season 2 with the DEFENDERS being the ultimate culmination.

Secondly, the lady in the image is unnamed but works at Whitestone Lanes, a bowling alley and appears to be stylized in this poster. What does bowling have to do with Matt Murdock? Whitestone Lanes is an actual location in New York and is NOT where this party is at so rule that out.

Either way, with filming wrapping this week, expect a lot more from the series as marketing ramps up in 2015!


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