Welcome to the final week of 2014! And to finish it off, we’re going to give you the last of our lists. Today, we’re going to play both sides of the coin with our best and worst movies of the year. We hope that you partake in watching these movies, even if we think they’re horrible. Not that we promote bad films, but that you can educate yourselves instead of just taking our word.

Let us know your choices too!



Best Movie

Brian – The LEGO Movie

Grand Budapest Hotel

This was a movie that was impossible to take serious before this year. Just try to think about that. That’s a huge success for a movie about Legos. What more can be said about it then, “Everything is Awesome”.

(Bonus points for including Chris Pratt, Batman, and Will Arnett) – Chris

Chris – Grand Budapest Hotel

“Wes Anderson at his peak, provides a film that is not only entertaining, but thought provoking at moments. It asks us what family means and delivers on all fronts, especially the emotional notes. A must see for any Anderson fan, and I recommend anyone interested in cinema see this as well.”




Worst Movie

Brian – Amazing Spider-Man 2

I actually didn’t hate this movie when I walked out of the theater. I love Spider-man as a character and have loved seeing him on the big screen. However, Sony is using this movie as the root of several different Spider-man series and spin-offs and overall it’s just a very weak movie. I really think we all wanted more from a movie that Sony is trying to play as so pivotal. You can read our review for more details.

Amazing Spider-Man 2

Chris – Transformers: Age of Extinction

“I took it upon myself as ritual to see the fourth installment in what I’m now calling, the robotic Transformers franchise. That should not be mistaken for an intentional pun, as the newest entry in the series seems full of predictable processes and unimaginative story. Age of Extinction does not strive to be more than its predecessors, but rather just more of them and that ultimately falls flat across the board.” You can read our review too!

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