Now that Captain America: The Winter Soldier has hit theaters, it is time to uncover the secrets Marvel has unleashed on the world. We’ve gone through the film and picked the 13 juiciest bits from the film (and one bonus fun fact) to give you the heads up when the next know-it-all tries to school you. It should go without warning that if you have not seen the film, there are *SPOILERS* below. If you’re not ready for these secrets, then I suggest you back out now.

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13 Secrets of The Winter Soldier

1. Batroc is also known as The Leaper, often humiliated in the Ultimate Spider-Man TV series, was given 15 minutes of screen time. This shows smaller characters can be portrayed on films, without taking away from the movie.

batroc the leaper captain america winter soldier

2. The Lemurian Star (held hostage by Batroc) is referenced in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD episode 16. Agent Sitwell is sent there on assignment. Lemurians are also a race of aquatic humans (Mer-people) in the Marvel comics as well.


3. Brock Rumlow, the strike team leader, will become Crossbones, a mercenary who attempts to kill Captain America in the Marvel Comics.

crossbones brock rumlow captain america the winter soldier

4. Agent 13, as we find out, is Sharon Carter who has an insomniatic Aunt. That aunt happens to be Peggy Carter, former love interest of Steve Rogers. I smell romance in the future for Steve.

5. Many faces from The First Avenger return on screen in this film, sadly excluding Stanley Tucci as Professor Irskine. The Howling Commandos are seen in pictures, as well as Howard Stark, Peggy Carter, and Colonel Chester Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones).

the first avenger

6. This includes villains, such as Hydra agents, the Red Skull, and even the best representation of a modern Arnim Zola to date.


7. Speaking of returning characters, Senator Stern, known mostly from Iron Man 2 returns in this film and utters the most dubious of lines. Perhaps Hydra was after Stark tech all along.


8. Agent Sitwell mentions that something strange is going on in the Marvel Universe. Dr. Stephen Strange, sorcerer supreme, is a supernatural character for Marvel who deals often with demons and other dimensions run afoul. The best representation of him is to watch the Doctor Strange animated film from Marvel. He is heavily rumored to be a film in development at Marvel Studios for Phase 3.

dr strange marvel

9. In a quick shot of Project Insight targeting everyone, we see a quick glimpse at the newly renovated Avengers Tower in New York. The A remains, but has been revamped for the Avengers.


10. “The path of the righteous man…” as seen on Nick Fury’s tombstone is from Ezekiel 25:17. This is the same line Samuel L. Jackson uses in Pulp Fiction before he kills someone, namely Brad.

pulp fiction

Fun Fact: Tim Roth from Pulp Fiction also played Emil Blonsky aka The Abomination in Marvel Studios’ The Incredible Hulk (2008).

11. Natasha/Black Widow has a necklace in the film with just an arrow on it. This could be a representation of Hawkeye without him appearing in the film. We know they have a history, but could it be romantic? This is speculation until further evidence says otherwise.

black widow arrow necklace

12. We FINALLY see where Loki’s sceptre has been and apparently that it has much more power than controlling the minds of men. Hydra has their hands on it and is doing something pretty devious with it as we can tell. Those twins weren’t exactly born with powers…


13. …but they are The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. The two new members of the Avengers in Age of Ultron never started off as heroes, but seem to be handled by Hydra and a Baron Von Strucker himself. Their inevitable turn to good will be awesome to see on screen.

quicksilver and scarlet witch age of ultron

Sidenote: Quicksilver has brown hair in this scene, but Age of Ultron sees him with silver/gray hair.

Sidenote 2: You’ll see them in X-Men: Days of Future Past this year, but not the same versions. Originally they are Magneto’s children and Mutants, but Marvel Studios can’t use that history for the characters.

BONUS: Not a fact, but something equally awesome. The very last scene after the credits, is a single take shot, that is by far one of the best shots in the film. Listen to the music as well, picked perfectly.


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