We haven’t covered any DC films lately, not since the Superman Review and the announcement of Batman/Superman film. That is our fault, but probably more of a choice. We just don’t jive with the DC Cinematic Universe as much and they aren’t pushing out movies and projects and fun pieces of news like Marvel is, but we’re not here to judge.

Today, through a toy promotion, we may get our first look at the brand new Bat-Suit from the upcoming BATMAN/SUPERMAN film that will be hitting theaters in May 2016. We’ve provided the image to see, which shows the Batman toy next to a Superman toy and honestly, we’re believing it.

This suit is more armor based and modular, rather than full body encompassing. With this look and style for an older, weary Batman, it rather suits (pun intended) this new version of the caped crusader. Notice the different arm pads and life-like feel of how it shapes to his body, but still allows for super mobility. Sure its just a toy, but we love to theorize over at ComicUI.

Do you think this will be the next Bat-Suit or are they just toying with our hearts?




Source: Twitter Images

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