SUICIDE SQUAD is one of DC’s riskiest movies, but it feels like an imitation Guardians of the Galaxy. Since the movie was announced with a pretty solid cast, not much else has gone on. We know it’ll premiere in 2016, so filming has to start eventually, right?

Well, before they could even get the cameras unpacked, Tom Hardy has dropped from the film and his role as Rick Flag. If anyone could have left the movie, why couldn’t it have been Jai Courtney? I definitely don’t like him. Either way, they’re now looking to replace Rick Flag.

Good news is that the front runner is Jake Gyllenhaal! Sure, he’s made a few bad decisions like being the Prince of Persia, but lately it seems he’s getting better. I have Nightcrawler queued up to watch sometime soon as it is, but then I found out it wasn’t an X-Men spinoff.

Either way, with Hardy out and perhaps Gyllenhaal in, we’ll know more once production begins this April. Like who Rick Flag even is.

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