After a big list of potential rumors today, there was only the rumor that Christian Bale may be returning as Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Batman/Superman film in 2015. Little did we know Warner Bros had read my article and decided to set the news straight.

As of today, Warner Bros has announced that Ben Affleck is set to play Bruce Wayne/Batman in the new film, opposite Henry Cavill’s Superman.

Take that in for a minute, Ben Affleck of Gigli, Jersey Girl, and Dogma (thats an unfair assessment, honestly) will be the World’s Greatest Detective. I can’t comment or even begin to speculate on what this means or the implications, but needless to say I can’t even fathom it.

Do you think this casting choice is for shock value or is it another smart move in the right direction for the DC Film Franchise?


Disclaimer: Image is NOT Ben Affleck as Batman.

Source: The Wrap

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  1. I think Affleck is good when he is in his element. I do not think a Super hero costume is it. But I will still give it a chance because I may be wrong. Warner Bros and DC are trying to build a franchise to compete with Marvel and the Avengers so I am sure they saw something in him. I don’t think they are ready to try an gimmick casting… yet.