Now that we know how we’re going to be spending our time for the next 5 years, lets take a look at how these movies line up. DC announced their movies a few weeks ago through 2020 and now Marvel has their films through 2019 booked. Needless to say, its going to be interesting to see DC try to catch up to Marvel, but perhaps Marvel’s biggest risk is bringing in new franchises every year, sometimes even twice.

Use the following list to follow Marvel Vs. DC at the box office. It is worth noting this does NOT include Fox or Sony’s movies, as they’ve not planned out this far ahead and we honestly don’t care about their movies. JK! But we’ll add them as they release.



Marvel = Red
DC = Blue

May 1, 2015: Avengers: Age of Ultron
July 17, 2015: Ant-Man

March 25, 2016: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
May 6, 2016: Captain America: Civil War
August 5, 2016: Suicide Squad
Nov. 4, 2016: Doctor Strange

May 5, 2017: Guardians of the Galaxy 2
June 23, 2017: Justice League
July 28, 2017: Thor: Ragnarok
Nov. 3, 2017: Black Panther
Nov. 17, 2017: Wonder Woman

March 23, 2018: The Flash
May 4, 2018: Avengers: Infinity War – Part 1
July 6, 2018: Captain Marvel
July 27, 2018: Aquaman
Nov. 2, 2018: Inhumans

April 5, 2019: Shazam
May 3, 2019: Avengers: Infinity War – Part 2

June 14, 2019: Justice League 2

April 3, 2020: Cyborg
June 19, 2020: Green Lantern

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