We’re still 2 years away from DC and WB’s SUPERMAN VS. BATMAN film, but that doesn’t mean they’re not looking beyond that. Today, Greg Silverman, the president of WB Production confirmed that the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie is in the pipeline for release. No details on that release date is given, but we’re estimating 2018, two years after SvB. Along with this news, is that Zack Snyder will be back to direct the movie, which will (of course) be an expansion of the DC Cinematic Universe.

Out of the information from Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy, Silverman did call the movie “Superman Vs. Batman,” as well as confirming the casting Ray Fisher as Cyborg in the film. With the next movie now starring Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and now Cyborg, we feel it may suffer from Spider-Man 3 syndrome, meaning too much studio input and extra characters at the expense of development.

Are you excited for DC to grow their Cinematic Universe akin to Marvel’s massive success or do you think it will end tragically?

UPDATE 1: According to Latino Review (who had the info on the Justice League/Snyder film before the official news), the new JUSTICE LEAGUE movie is looking to release May 5, 2017. This makes sense as well, since the Superman Vs. Batman film and Justice League are set to film back to back, much like other large film series (The Hobbit, etc).  This release date will also prevent DC’s first team outing with conflicting with the tentative AVENGERS 3 release in 2018. Again, this is speculation, but we expect to find out around Sand Diego ComicCon this summer.

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