Well this is a fun bit of news. An image on IMGUR (because thats where images come from, duh), has surfaced showing that Warner Bros. and DC’s next movie could be split into two parts. BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE as we currently understand, is schedule for a March 2016 release. They’ve been filming this movie almost all of 2014 and will be spending a LONG time in post production.

We’re going to treat this as a rumor for now, but if true, we’ll have BATMAN V SUPERMAN: ENTER THE KNIGHT on October 23, 2015 and then again, DAWN OF JUSTICE on March 25, 2016. Why wouldn’t DC have listed this during their cinematic universe announcement a few months back? Would they be so bold as to split a huge movie into two and move the first part 5 months earlier? Its not that far of a stretch to imagine the splitting of the film, as we know its going to introduce a lot of characters: Cyborg, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, and so forth.

It also isn’t so hard to imagine them not promoting it yet, because compared to FANTASTIC FOUR (which release August of this year), we’ve actually seen MORE of the film. We’ve seen ZERO of FF and its out in 6 months or so. Is it that hard to believe?

As of now, this is PURELY rumor and we won’t acknowledge it as fact until WB or DC decide to tell us differently. But if it does come true, well…bold move, Warner Bros. Bold move indeed.



Source: AICN

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